Sewing Little Things and Lots of Organizing

Little items are what I have been sewing the past few weeks. I have not had much time to sew large projects. I took the advice of a blogger (I don't remember who) to break the things we need to accomplish into smaller steps. That way we see progress in each thing we do.

So after getting through my father-in-laws' passing and funeral at the end of January, I listed small steps. And what I accomplished was: sewing a bunny, stuffing it, making a carrot, and finally it was complete! I gave this one to my daughter who wanted one after I made one for my pincushion swap partner. She wanted it for decoration because it was so cute! 

Then I gathered my felt, cut out pieces, found the buttons, and began stitching and finally stuffing to finish the Wishing Owl sample for a childrens' class I will be teaching at the ArtsPlace on February 22. 

For a few hours each day I organize an part of the sewing or cardmaking areas of my "studio." My husband has been so patient. My son-in-law so helpful and I am seeing long-overdue success. My daughter is looking forward to doing some cardmaking very soon.
I will post photos tomorrow.

Breaking a large task into smaller steps is helping me get things finished. What can you, or did you list in smaller steps in order to get it done?

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