August Travels Net Bargains and More

In a previous post I talked about the Row by Row patterns I picked up on travels in Michigan's Upper Peninsula as my husband and I made our way to Escanaba. 

In Escanaba we stayed with my husband's cousin and his wife. It is always fun to visit them. The guys go golfing or fishing (they went fishing this time) and Debbie and I go shopping! There are many antique stores and boutiques in the area. This year we discovered some new shops.

We had lunch at Stone's Deli. I had a Chicken Cranberry Walnut Salad that was very good. We headed down Ludington St. to the shops. We went to what I can only call a junk store. It was interesting looking at things I remember growing up with. I saw 3 California Raisin toys priced $1 each. I remember how popular these were when my daughters were youngsters. I didn't need any but it was fun reminiscing as the song played in my head. Does anyone remember the raisins dancing on TV to "Heard It Through the Grape Vine"?

I did find an old electric insulator cap. I have always wanted an old insulator cap and this one was only $2 and in great shape (only needed some leaves cleaned out of it). I also bought a camel-colored wool jacket, in great shape, for only $2! I will take it apart and felt it for projects.

We continued on to an antique jewelry store called Once and Again where I found brooches and pins of all styles, sizes and colors. I purchased these pins. 

The hedgehogs are so cute and I think they will be the next "new trend", so I am readying myself!

On one street corner we found what was left of this tree being used as a flower display. I thought it was such a great idea I had Debbie snap a photo. 

Our last stop was St. Vincent DePaul. There were many things to examine there. The sets of dishes were very nice, but I didn't need any. I did, however, find the book section. And for 25 cents each, I bought these quilting and craft books. 

Debbie bought drivers from a container of golf clubs and a 12-foot curtain valance. The clubs will be the rods to hang the valances (after she cuts them to size) on the windows in her husband's garage work area. She is so clever! 

Thanks for visiting. If you have ever found a bargain or treasure on a trip, let us know what it was in the comments below. Would enjoy hearing from you. 

My next post will be about the pincushion exchange and the Swoon block exchange I participated in as well as a photo of my daughter's quilt that we worked on together. Until then......happy sewing. 

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