Quilting with Friends

I spent this day quilting with friends. There were 3 of us and we had a very relaxing, enjoyable time sewing, sharing ideas, discussing recent quilt shop excursions. We said we need to do this more often and are planning a sewing day in October. 

These are the projects I was able to finish today. 

For the church craft bazaar I made 2 table runners with a Christmas border print
I am amazed at what creative minds and the equilateral triangle ruler can make!

For Christmas gifts, Michigan potholders with the embroidery machine.

 And a pillowcase for (I can't say, because it is) a Christmas present 
for someone who likes Star Trek.

Have you been busy with holiday gift sewing? or sewing for a fundraiser?

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Val's Quilting Studio said...

Love your table runners! You inspired me to make a pillowcase to match the quilt I"m making for my grandson's birthday!