Mystery Quilt Top Finished

Over the New Year's weekend I sewed the Merry Mayhem 2015 Mystery quilt top. Of course, with a mystery, one never knows what to expect. The name of the mystery was Regatta, which gave a bit of a clue--big ships on water. The background was to be light blues, which I had very few of in my stash. I chose to go with beige colored fabrics for the background and hit my scraps for the darks and mediums. (And I have thought of calling this Desert Regatta.) I sewed nearly 200 half square triangles before the mystery clues began coming. 

Between celebrating a belated Christmas with our daughter and her boyfriend, dinner, etc. I was happy the top was completed by the end of the weekend. It then took me a week to get a photo of it. I really don't have a great place to hang a twin sized or larger quilt top, which makes hanging a top with beige borders on a beige curtained slider a poor setting for this quilt. But here is the photo of my quilt top, which I will deliver to my longarm quilter in a few months. 

Do you have a favorite mystery quilt you have done in the past? I'd be interested to know, leave me a comment. 


beaquilter said...

looks cool, I like bonnie hunter's, just finished the top and posted about it yesterday, I really liked one that connecting threads had last year too.... I like to HOST mystery QAL's too :)

OPQuilt said...

This is a great-looking mystery quilt. I've done only three: one I hated and never even got past the first block, one had waaaay too many unneeded seams (e.g.: 4 triangles when one block would have done) and the last one I made and loved and gave away to my son. So I think you did great to have such a fun design for a mystery quilt. I also like the name "Desert Regatta."

Val's Quilting Studio said...

I don't know about all those triangles Nanc! LOL!!! Love how it came out and glad you shared with us at Tuesday Archives. After seeing everyone's links today, I'm not so nervous about mystery quilts anymore...I might have to give one a try! V:)