Valentine Tote and Potholders

On Saturday I finished 4 potholders embroidered with the applique of the state of Michigan. I still have to get a Christmas present to my brother and his wife. They live out of the state and I am sure they will like one or two. Not sure yet who will get the others. (I make 4 at a time by folding 1/3 yard cuts of fabric into quarters and cutting 10" squares. It is so easy to sew up 4 and then I have some for gifts any time I need them.)

I also finished a little Valentine's Day tote. I wanted to try stitching the Tree design I got from CuteEmbroidery.com. (You can find it HERE.) I was very pleased with how easily it stitched on the felt.

I used decorative stitches on my sewing machine to attached the felt to the outer bag fabric. I wanted to have the lining of the bag show around the top outer edge of the tote but it doesn't extend as much as I wanted. I will try another tote and cut the lining even longer. But I am happy with my first attempt. My next tote will also have a different look to the handle. The solid pink will show 1/4" on both edges of the handle front. 

What have you been working on over the weekend?

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beaquilter said...

cute cute! love the heart tree. I was working on a tote this weekend too! (can't show it until Feb though for a blog hop but it's my new quilt carrier for when I have projects in the car, like adding binding)