Quilt Patterns I Have Designed

Val's Quilting Studio's Tuesday Archives is featuring "Original Patterns by You!" Those who are linking are posting about patterns they have designed for their own use or for sale whether using wool, paper piecing, applique, bags, totes, and/or quilts

I am copying parts of the blogs that I have written about some of the patterns I have designed. Some have been for my own use and others I have for sale. It has given me the idea to put a list on my blog of patterns I have designed.

I enjoy designing my own patterns for a number of reasons. The first is that it satisfies my creative urge. Also, I want to be able to photograph and display my quilts without seeking permission from the pattern designer of a pattern I use. I can share my patterns freely with my friends and with those whom I teach. Lastly, although not prolific, I have some for sale which gives me a little bit of "quilting money" to fund my passion of quilting. 

My pattern, Rings Placemat Set, was designed for Cut Loose PressCut Loose patterns are available to Local Quilt Shops through Checker Distributing. If your local shop doesn't carry them, ask them to put in an order! Here is a photo:

Another pattern I designed for Cut Loose Patterns is 
Tree-Mendous Possibilities

It is 2 patterns in one!

By adding just one more fabric after making the "Tree" quilt, you can make a second quilt! And there is almost NO waste.
Start with a layer cake and a few extra pieces of fabric. 
(Or use your fabric yardage cut into 10" squares.)
It is an easy quilt to make. But don't stop there! 

Change it up a bit by substituting other materials such as photos on fabric, childrens' art work or handprints, signatures, redwork or embroidery, why even t-shirts would work!
Why not use the letters: BFF at the bottom and have photos of the best friends in the branches? How about a growth quilt?
This pattern has "tree-mendous possibilities". 

And, below, is the second quilt that can be made with the leftovers plus another fabric cut.

Another quilt I designed has hearts as the border. I wanted it to have the appearance of a postage stamp.

I designed this footprint baby quilt to use the bear

fabric as the outer border. But there are other animal footprints in the pattern so other animal fabrics can be used.
This pattern and 4 others for sale
at Patternspot.com under Patchwork Breeze as the designer.

The Kittens in a Basket quilt is my 1930s pattern I designed for a guild challenge to use reproduction fabrics.

If you'd like a free pattern, try the the CURIOUS CATS block found at PatternSpot.com. I had fun designing it. My inspiration came when I found a photo of a block on the internet. I sketched it, but did not write down the website or blog it came from. It made me think of cats watching something interesting. Maybe fish or mice or bugs! 

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Claire said...

My reasons for designing my own are very similar to yours. Plus it is fun. Claire aka knitnkwilt