3 Fabric Baby Quilts

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This week the theme is receiving blankets. 

I posted a tutorial HERE. Use 3 cuts of fabric to make 3 small receiving size quilts, for a new baby. 

As an aside, to protect our precious little babies, I want to mention that I use 100% cotton, flannel and batting in any baby quilts I make. It was brought to my attention years ago that if polyesters and other man-made fibers (not natural fibers) get near a heat source, the material melts and sticks to the body. And, unfortunately, I was reminded of a 6-year-old girl I taught in class years ago. Flames started in their camper and a polyester blanket was used to smother the flames, but melted and stuck to her. She suffered severe burns. 

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Val's Quilting Studio said...

Oh thank you for rejuvinating these at TuesdayArchives!! The pattern is ingenious and so quick to make.