Le Challenge "single" toy

Le Challenge (click HERE) for this month is the theme SINGLE. 
I have not participated as of yesterday, but the email I got today put an idea into my mind right away.

I had taken instructions on how to use my new embroidery machine last week. 
I embroidered a single bug and put the single word "bug" on the fabric. 
I today decided I would make up this child's toy using that single embroidery. 

And if you would like to know how I sewed this in a mere 20 minutes, the short version is below:

Trim front and back fabric squares to same size (6" x 6" for mine).
Collect ribbons, elastic, cord, rick rack for the playful loops. 
But use things that can be sewn in and will not be easily chewed apart for the child to swallow. 
On the right side of the back square, 
fold and pin or twist, fold and pin the ribbons,etc. to the edges. 
I had the ends extend a good amount beyond the edge of the backing fabric 
in order to sew those pieces well. 

Sew with a small stitch length all around edge with approximately a 1/4" seam. 

With right sides of both fabrics facing each other and the ribbons, 
etc. pointing in toward center of the square, pin, pin, pin so the edges line up for sewing. 

Use a 1/2" seam and stitch length 2.5 to sew around the edges. 
Leave an opening in one side for turning right side out and stuffing. 

In the photo below, my opening is near the lower left corner.
I back stitched at the start and end of the opening so the stitches would not 
pull out when I turned the piece right sides out. 
You can see my small stitching line for holding the ribbons 
and the stitching line inside that for the actual construction stitches. 

Turn the piece right sides out.

I used polyester fiber fill for stuffing. 
I put some into the corners first.
You can see my small opening in the bottom right corner in the photo below. 

Sew the opening closed by hand or with your sewing machine. 

What a fun toy for a little child. 
A heavy satin or velour fabric would have been a good backing givng an interesting textural feel.


Anonymous said...

So cute! I actually love bugs and love to see projects with bug themes :)

Anonymous said...

So cute! I actually love bugs and love to see projects with bug themes :)

Nancy said...

Thank you for visiting. Bugs are cute, for the most part.

helenjean@midgetgemquilts said...

Love your bug !

mammafairy said...

fun embroidery on the 'taggy' . You have a special little one in mind for this?

Lisa in Port Hope said...

I love the bright backing fabric too.

Nat at Made in Home said...

My baby would love to chew on this! thanks for sharing on le challenge.

Heidi said...

Such a sweet Love-bug:)
Thanks for sharing your process!