3 for the Quilter

Michelle emailed me to say she finished with the longarm quilting of the items I dropped off last week! Yipee! I am going to pick them up tomorrow and I can't wait to see them. 

Here is what I gave her: 

First was a large (94" x 92") T-shirt quilt for a friend. It is a family quilt since t-shirts from the parents and the children were used in it. There were 5 sweatshirts, too thick to include, so I am making throw pillows with them. (This top was so big, I couldn't focus well enough for a good picture.)

Then this lap size Hunter Star quilt that I made quite a few years ago.

I used a technique from the 2007 Quick Quilts #83 magazine pattern called London Garden. It was easy enough to do. I had not added the outer border. I did that and called it done. 

The colors in the photo aren't true because the light from behind making them darker. (And I didn't want to ask my husband to hold the quilt up for one more photo.)

I was looking for some fabric for the backing for the Hunter Star quilt and saw this Halloween panel. I thought of my oldest daughter who really likes Halloween. I added the orange border. The green witch fabric wasn't long enough, so I cut it into fourths and added the swirly fabric strips between the sections. And it was ready to quilt. Having Michelle quilt it would  let me get on with some other projects. 

I look forward to binding, photographing and posting the final projects in the next week. 

I hope you enjoy a creative week.

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OPQuilt said...

I feel the same way about sending out quilts to be quilted--allows me to do more quilt top creating! Fun to see all your projects you've been working on--I do love that Hunter's Star block--made mine a couple of years ago (and yes, it was a UFO that I finally completed, too).