4 Quilt Projects - Finished

My weekend was quite productive in finishing these 4 quilting projects. They were quilted my Michele Fialek and I got them back about 2 weeks ago to add the bindings. It feels very good to have completed some projects. I took the photos in the evening, in the house, so the colors are a bit off. 

This twin size Christmas quilt top I made about 8 years. I used a pattern 
for a blue and yellow quilt and changed the colors. I cannot find
the pattern in my files, but I must say this one is prettier in my opinion. 
It was offered as a class at the store I worked at during that time. There 
are two other people who have a quilt like this one. 

This quilt was made with a pattern I designed and sold through local quilt shops. 
I used a collection of fabrics I bought about 6 years ago. This is a double bed size quilt.

This past January I participated in the Merry Mayhem Mystery Quilt.
 It was called Regatta and I named my quilt Scrappy Regatta. 
I changed the colors on mine. Here is the link to my post about the quilt top.

The triangles in the center form sailboat masts and the background 
was to have been light blues for the water and sky. The triangles were 
suppose to be darks. I am happy with this and it will fit a twin bed. 

This is a quilt I made just recently to send to my college friend for her
3 year old grandson. The picture blocks are trucks from bygone days. 
It is a large toddler size quilt. I think he will like it. 

I have a number of projects going at one time. My friend Marilyn is sometimes my conscience when she reminds me to finish 3 or 4 projects before beginning any new projects. It is a good policy, but I can't wait to start on some of those ideas I have spinning around in my brain! 

How do you approach new projects? Do you have one at a time on your worktable? Or are there a number of projects you are working on "at the same time"?

Thank you for stopping by. 

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beaquilter said...

these are all great and so different! love it!
If I have room I work on multiple projects at once, but if I have too much fabric hogging the table I do one at a time.