T-Shirt Quilt

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In early August I spent a weekend at my daughter's apartment. She wanted to work on a t-shirt quilt for her boyfriend. It is so fun to work together with her on sewing projects.

Previously, she had cut the shirts to one standard size (16" square) and put woven interfacing on each of them. (I use woven interfacing because it truly stabilizes the stretchiness of the knit shirts.) 
She wanted to use as many of his shirts as we could, so we decided to make the back and front with the shirts.

We laid out the shirts in a pleasing and organized manner--middle school mostly reds and high school golds and blacks. She took photos of the arrangements in case we got confused when sewing each seam. 

Her boyfriend did not like the look of all the quilting going over the shirt fronts, so we decided to sew the front and the back as their own quilt top and join them by matching the block corners and tie the corners and the middle of each seam line with pearl cotton. She tied after we got the binding on the layers. (A layer of polyester batting was used between the front and back of the quilts for a bit of fluffiness--and I will say it is going to be a warm quilt.)

Her boyfriend was very pleased with the finished quilt. I heard he was using it to keep warm this evening with our below 60 degree temperatures in Michigan.

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Norma said...

Very nice! Love the front and back both using t-shirts.

Marcy said...

Great idea using two separate quilts and put them together. I agree. No quilting just the ties. I bet it looks great.

OPQuilt said...

I like the color grouping of reds on one side and the yellows on the other. Well done! A member of our sewing circle is always making these for her daughter's band auctions--they always bring in a lot of extra money. Very fun to work with your daughter, too!

Val's Quilting Studio said...

I wish I had quilted back in the day....as it would be so awesome to have a tshirt quilt of all my running races. Oh well....yours look great!!

Vivian said...

Great idea to do both sides with t-shirts, great way to use them up! With them all cut to the same size this would also be a good quilt-as-you go project -- have to try that.

Angie in SoCal said...

Great T-Shirt quilt!

Val's Quilting Studio said...

Hi Nanc!! Thanks for rejuvenating this one at Tuesday Archives this week!