New Year for Quilting Goals

Welcome to the new year. I wish each of you quilt-filled progress as you make your way through each week of 2016. 

Goals. Setting goals for the start of a new year is something I have done (and many of you as well) for many years. Sometimes I succeed in accomplishing one or two; but I am human, and thus there is always room to improve each year. 

So, as I ushered in the new year quietly at home with my hubby, I set my quilting goals. 

First, I will try to keep my design area more organized and put things where they belong when finished using them. I want to progress in creating and not have to spend time searching for a tool or such.

Secondly, I bought a planner and will use it to stay on top of schedules and deadlines. Those birthday and holiday gifts, guild challenges, blog posts and pattern designs will get done in time!

And lastly (I don't want to have too many goals to keep in my mind), I am going to finish projects I begin.  

On January 1, I participated in the Merry Mayhem Mystery Quilt. One of 7 clues was given each hour. I worked diligently on each step of the process and after breaking for dinner, I was determined to meet my goal of finishing projects. Below is the top I completed in one day! 

I am following the EmbroiderIt blog in a series of 6 exercises (one per day) about enjoying the moment and enjoying the process of being creative. It is simple but has given me perspective on how to work better and more efficiently. Check it out.

I finished the January pincushion for the swap in which I am participating and sent it out today. That is a good feeling. I can't show it until my swap partner gets it. HERE is the link. 

Happy quilting.


beaquilter said...

Great goals! and I keep my list of projects on my blog and then when a top is done I have a small dry erase board next to my long arm where I write down dimensions of the top, if I have batting and backing and label and binding done. I only erase it when the whole quilt is done!

Nancy said...

It sounds like a great system of organizatioon.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

I like how you have kept the overall goals nice and straightforward.