2 Flea Markets and 1 Quilt Shop

Yep, here is my little quilty math post. 

On my recent trip to Florida, I went to a flea market with 2 friends while our husbands went golfing. 

In one booth I found a few pieces of fabric that caught my eye. I liked these two fat quarters of confetti fabric for $1. When paying, the lady in the booth said I could choose a free item from the basket. 

Well, these peas in pods were too cute to pass up, so this 9 x WOF piece went home with me, too. 

At another flea market I found a canning jar with these very nicely sewn yo-yos for $2.50. I had to buy them because the price was right and I would not have to sew them! 
Where is the jar, you ask? Filled with sea shells I collected one day.

I was having "quilting withdrawl" after being away from fabric and my sewing machine for a week. So another day, while the guys were golfing, and the ladies were poolside, I went to the quilt shop near the house we were renting. 

Quilter's Paradise is a very nice shop with a friendly staff. 

They carry a variety of fabrics that would fit the needs of any quilter. A class of beginning quilters was leaving just after I arrived and the ladies were so chatty and happy and expressed their excitement for the next week's lesson. 

Dottie is the owner. She showed me how to make a bag with the 2 fat quarters I was purchasing, as she did not have a printed pattern available. 

I found a few other pieces of fabric that I really liked. 

Dottie told me about the Row by Row from last summer and gave me their free pattern which I will add to the rows I am still working on. I bought this tan batik fabric to use in the row. They will be participating in the 2016 by Row. 

Now that I am home, I have some sewing ahead of me! 


Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time and good finds too.

allthingzsewn said...

I really like your flea market finds. Would you please share where the 2016 Row By Row is? Thanks Nancy.