Happy Mail

I am sure Dr. Seuss didn't think of the internet and blogging 
when he wrote the book, Oh, the Places You'll Go! 
But, oh, the places blog links can take us. 

My trip through the blog posts started at Val's Quilting Studio 
with the orphan patterns she was giving up for adoption. 
She linked to Cyndy's Spring 2016 Quilty Orphan Adoption Event. 
And I looked!

It was curiosity that led me clicking through the links.
 I had so many items on shelves in my craft storage room waiting to be sewn 
(or linked to this adoption page if I found time). 
But there it was! A pattern for aprons! 

The women's group at church is planning an apron-themed event
and I have thought of making a few aprons as door prizes or auction items. 
This pattern has mix and match top and skirt variations. 
One pattern resulting in a number of unique aprons! 
I left a comment and was later contacted for my mailing address. 

Julie of Florabunda Quilts sent the pattern that arrived last week. 

I was happy mail. 
I am looking forward to working on the aprons. 
They will be a change from the quilt projects I have been making.

Thank you, Julie, for a lovely pattern. 

Now, ideas on colors or how I should mix and match the pattern pieces?

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Val's Quilting Studio said...

COngrats Nanc....so happy the links I include in my posts helped your find exactly what ya needed. :)