Debbie Grifka Workshop

This afternoon, our quilt guild had Debbie Grifka teach a workshop. We used her pattern Turnstile to make small quilt tops using 5" pre-cut squares and background fabrics. It was a great class with 16 ladies in attendance. In the evening, Debbie presented a trunk show and lecture titled "What Do They Mean By Modern Quilting?"

Here are some photos from our workshop:

Debbie was always moving around, checking on us as we worked. 

Our cameras worked wonders as we tried various arrangements of our blocks. 

Everyone made progress to varying degees. Some got the 9 blocks sewn together. 

I was happy with my progress.

I thought her lecture in the evening was very interesting and informative. 
I was surprised that I would hear the names and see the quilts of 
some of the quilters I have participated with in bees 
and various groups. 

I enjoyed the day, but am so tired! 

I am looking forward to posting this and going off to sleep under a cozy quilt. 


Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

It's fun to see the variety of quilts come from the workshop. I met Debbie at Market the one time I went and found her work refreshing. I would imagine a class with her would be fun.

Esch House Quilts said...

Thank you, Nancy! You all did such a wonderful job on your quilt tops! Thank you so much to you and Michelle for all the arrangements too. It was such fun to visit your guild!