New Year Quilt Projects

I finished 2016 by sewing together the tree blocks I got from my bee-mates in the Mid-Century Modern Bee in November. One set is in the mail and on it's way. I will add another 2 blocks of my own. I am very pleased with how my concept for this wall hanging turned out. Each member did improv cutting and sewing to create a tree with blue background and one with green background. I have a few quilting motif ideas I am tossing about in my head.
The past year has been wonderful working with the ladies in the Mid-Century Modern Bee. But it is dis-banning. However, one of the members started a new bee called Gridsters. I am looking forward to creating with some of the former members and some new quilters this coming year. In fact, our first block for January's Queen Bee has been requested--a New York Beauty. This is a block I have never made, so I think it will be a bit of a challenge.

I have been busy with projects this new year. 
I began on New Year's Day with the Merry Mayhem Mystery Quilt. This is a free, yearly mystery quilt. It begins at 10 AM EST with the 2nd clue (sewing). The 1st clue is cutting directions given before January 1. Every hour a new clue is posted and we quilters progress with the project. I have participated for 4 years now and have enjoyed each project. Here is the small quilt top I finished this year.

And during the past few days I have been constructing a T-shirt quilt for my niece using her college shirts. She knows it is being made and I have consulted with her on her ideas for finishing and quilting motifs, so I feel fine posting it here. 

What have you been working on this first week of the New Year? 

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Needled Mom said...

I love the forest! The Merry Mayhem block is beautiful. It makes such a nice finish. I'll bet the T-shirt quilt will be greatly appreciated.