Quilt Projects in Progress

The last 2 tree blocks arrived on Saturday for my Mid-Century Modern Bee swap. 
I then made two more blocks to complete the quilt top. 

I have an idea for quilting. I am thinking of leaf motif in the green blocks
and swirls in the blue blocks. 

I sent this pillow to my niece. 

She had a sweatshirt that I felt was too thick to use in the t-shirt quilt.
I had to add an extra piece of sweatshirt fabric to the top where the neckline was cut.
I wanted to center the logo. 
I sent it off to her and hope she likes it when it arrives. 

Back to work on my New Beginnings Island Batik Project.
Happy quilting!

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Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

it's fun to see the tree quilt coming together. Happy to have a little part in it. Your quilting idea sounds good too.