Late Winter Trip

My husband and I went on a trip to Florida, leaving the wacky winter in Michigan for a little bit. We were glad to have been able to go, especially me with so much coming up in the next few months. We had nice weather on our travels during this trip. (Two years ago we went to Texas and New Mexico and the winter weather followed us with sleet, ice, snow, freezing fog and COLD!)

So here is my long overdue blog.

We spent four nights at The Waterscape Resort in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Friends Rick and Deb were spending a month there, so we made reservations for the four nights. It was great! I used the pool, went to the beach boardwalk, the sunsets were lovely, and enjoyed the warmth.
Our balcony view. 

The pier.

Sunset with hubby, Rick and Deb.

The four of us met up with some colleagues we haven't seen in years and had a great lunch at the Hurricane Grill in Orange Beach, Alabama. Rick said we had to stop at FloraBama, a building sitting on the beach front, half in Florida and half in Alabama, on the Perdido Key. They had a great many shirts and items for the tourists to buy. 
 I believe the dividing line between the states is shown on the sign above 
and the left and right half of the table below where car license plates are
attached to appropriate sides of the table. 

We left our "condo" setting and headed to the Lakeland area to stay with my good friend and quilting buddy, Marilyn and her husband.  We took in a Detroit Tiger game one afternoon in the newly remodeled stadium. 

We went to Plant City the next day. Marilyn wanted to take me to a wonderful quilt shop there called Inspire! Quilting & Sewing. The shop had many fabrics I haven't seen in Michigan, more so for the beachy theme of the area. I bought a few light gray fat quarters. The guys, including Marilyn's dad, went to the train museum down the block. We all went into a few antiques stores and finished with lunch at The Corner Store.

Our three-night stay ended and we headed toward Nashville, TN via Alabama (to avoid Atlanta traffic). The hotel we stayed at in Alabama was less than 30 minutes from the Front Porch Quilt Shop in Ozark, Alabama. After stopping at Gander Mountain for my husband's shopping, we headed to the quilt shop. 

I am so pleased I was able to shop here. It had all the bright and whimsical fabrics I like. I was the first customer, waiting in the car as Melanie drove up to open the store. 

Here are just some of the wonderful rooms I was able to peruse in the 45 minutes I spent there. (We were on a schedule, you know.)

I was very happy with my purchases.

Fat quarters for fun mug rugs and such. 

 Just because they are my favorite colors. 

A different kind of Halloween design.

Hedgehogs, my favorite cute animal these days. 

A kit for hand sewing little felt bunnies! 
If you see on the back, Heidi Boyd has kits for hedgehogs, too.

Back in Michigan, with a variety of weather for the coming Spring, 
I have some new projects to look forward to with my Southern
quilt shop purchases and a bit of relaxation from warmer climes.

What do you have planned for Spring projects?


Needled Mom said...

What a great trip! It was a great time to escape and enjoy the warmer weather, even though your winter has been mild.

Heidi Boyd said...

Thanks for the shout out! Love a virtual tour of The Front Porch Quilt Shop. Hope you enjoy stitching the bunnies.

Unknown said...

You choose the perfect time for a get away. I'm glad you stopped at the Front Porch Quilt Shoppe and that we were able to get aquatinted. Happy Stitching with all your new goodies!✂✂

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Looks like a fun stop!