Quilting Mat Extraordinaire

I've been rotary cutting since the early 1980s. I would have to say today's UPS arrival has brought me new excitement in rotary cutting!

My new 24" x 36" Calibre Art Premium Self-Healing Cutting Mat arrived. Yes, that's a mouthful, but it describes almost all about this mat.

I first heard of these mats about 2 years ago when I participated in a Row-Along hosted by Marian at Seams To Be Sew. I have been wanting one of these mats ever since. My first stroke of luck came when my name was chosen before Christmas during another of Marian's blog hops. I won a 13" Calibre Art rotating mat. It is absolutely wonderful! (Mind you, I have a rotating mat from another company that worked well enough for me, until I tried the new one.) Calibre Art's is like butter when cutting and rotating. I now had a taste of what their mats were like.

During Marian's 2017 Quilt Qwazy Queen blog hop, she noted that Calibre Art was offering a discount code only for the hop days - 1/2 off the price if ordered through AmazonPrime! This was a deal I "hopped" on immediately. I chose 10-day delivery to get free shipping without adding something else to my cart. And, I used AmazonSmile and a charity of my choice received a donation.

The quality of the mat is superb. It is 1/8" thick. It DOES NOT SMELL! This is the best part of it for me. Other mats I have bought in the past smell like skunks -- for months.

I have seldom used mat lines to align fabric when cutting, but the accurate markings and angles on this mat will definitely have me learning some new cutting tricks! Inches are marked on one side and centimeters on the other side.

I am also very happy to know that these mats are free of harmful heavy metals and chemicals. The company also recycles their "waste cuttings" during manufacturing.

The mat came a bit curved from what I think was standing the box on its short end during delivery. The instructions said that if there were bends in delivery to set it in the sun to warm and lay books on it. I put it in the sun on the dining room linoleum for 10 minutes and it had flattened itself--no books involved.

I am not affiliated with Calibre Art, nor am I getting any compensation for this blog post. I just want to share with others a product I think is amazing and well worth it's price.


Marian said...

Great post, I'm so happy your as impressed with the mat as I am. :)

Needled Mom said...

Happy cutting!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

Glad to know about this. I used a rotating mat for the first time over the weekend and now I think I'll order one like yours. Thanks.