Quilting Progress Bit by Bit

I have made slow progress on my projects of late. It seems "life" just puts other things in my way that take precedence. So I go with the flow. I also found that it was difficult to get my brain thinking and sewing quilt block units after surgery and 4 weeks of not sewing. I changed my plan by sewing some simple table runners.

This weekend my husband and I made a trip to the east side of the state to see my sister and her husband. We stayed the night and then went home by way of a visit to the newlyweds. I had made the simple 10-Minute Table Runner before the trip. I gave one to my sister

and one of these to our daughter. (The other was mailed to our out-of-state daughter.)

I did find time on Monday to make some hot pads. I tried to use blue embroidery thread. Not having to change thread colors made it go a bit quicker. I couldn't resist making the turquoise hot pad, so that was a thread change. I am getting much better at the quilting of the layers. I have done enough of these that using the free motion embroidery foot around the state outline and then the circular quilting around the background is very easy.

The Gridster's Bee blocks were sewn and sent out to the recipients for June and July! They were both fun to make. 
Mary got these colorful confetti stars. If you'd like to make this HERE is the link.

Carol got this very large 18" Patriotic Star Block and the link is HERE.

The August block for Debbie comes from the Homestead Hearth and I will be making Block 4. For quite a few months, I have been interested in making this quilt for myself. This might be the start. 


Needled Mom said...

I LOVE my block, Nancy. You have done so well with your rehab. Not sure I would be up to so much sewing at traveling so quickly after surgery.

Carol Swift said...

I'm glad you're feeling better and can travel a bit. Getting back in the groove of sewing is tough after "life" gets in the way, but it looks like you're making progress. I love those runners and how easy they are to make.

Val's Quilting Studio said...

Oh I especially love your flagged star! Glad you have gotten back to sewing...it will help with brain fog...atleast is helps me.