Quilting and Socializing with Friends

In the past 2 weeks, I have had opportunities to spend time with quilting friends. I've enjoyed having this time to socialize. I didn't work intensely on projects as chit-chatting and laughter filled much of the time.

One friend has invited me and two other friends to her house on a twice-a-month schedule to sew, chat and share lunch. The other day I took hand sewing--an apple core  project I began 2 years ago in a class at AQS Grand Rapids. It wasn't suppose to be hand sewn, but it became my traveling project. I took it with me to Florida in February and on weekend trips away from home. Sometimes I got many pieces sewn together, while other times nothing got done. When I attach the last of the apple cores I have cut, it will be done.
I am not sure what it will become, but it is colorful.

Yesterday we four took a road trip stopping first at a primitive antiques shop. I bought a "rug beater" which I always wished I had and a small decorative bees skep (never actually used for bees).

We ate lunch at Turk Lake Restaurant, where I enjoyed a very delicious house-smoked brisket sandwich. On the way home we stopped at four quilt shops. The last shop was Luv 2 Quilt. Maryevelyn had recently moved to this new and larger location. Tomorrow I will have a blog post with photos. Our trip was filled with laughs, enjoyable chats, and a few wrong turns!

Tuesday I was able to attend the once-a-month open sewing held at the church. Three other women were sewing with me; and, we shared fun and pleasant conversations about many topics, including some memories of childhood adventures, travels and, of course, quilting projects. I took my machine and worked on these items.
4 baby burp cloths for a friend

Pillow from one of hubby's shirts

Quilt-as-you-sew table runner that needs binding
I added the stars to the Wavy Banner from a pattern I designed.
I was reminded of how enjoyable it is to sew with friends, old and new. I look forward to this next month as I attend the AQS Show in Grand Rapids where I will be taking some classes--and meeting quilters from many places.

Do you sew with a group? Is it large or small? What kinds of projects do you sew? I enjoy reading your comments and try to respond to all replying here or via email.

Thanks for stopping and letting me share with you.

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