Storage Solution Found

I was cleaning out a closet in the guest room. I found some banners and small quilted wallhangings folded on one of the shelves. We all know that folding quilted items can cause a crease and wear and tear on the fabric threads. I have large quilts stored in a few dresser drawers and one hall closet (yes, I have many quilts).

What could I do to store these items without folding them? I may have seen this somewhere in the past, but a light bulb went on when I saw all the plastic hangers that came out of the closet! I could easily cut the bar across the bottom in half and slip the sleeve of each item on a hanger. (My husband let me use his mega-type dremel saw because he thought a small craft saw would take too long.) They could hang in the back of the closet and ready when needed.

Have you come up with a clever or easy way to store your quilted items? I'm always interested in a helpful suggestion on how to store my quilts. 


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Val discussed appreciating where we are in our creative journey in life HERE. Maybe my cleaning and purging made me appreciate this post.


Val's Quilting Studio said...

I love this idea!! And I'm so glad to hear my post inspired you. Thank you for sharing it. :)V

allthingzsewn said...

What a great idea. Thanks for sharing. I liked Val's post as well.

Jeanna said...

This is a great idea for storing smaller quilts and I have a very large supply of those plastic hangers.

Pumpkin said...

I use an old "Jenny Lind" baby changing table for my quilts. They are folded on the bias, one corner at a time making sure the outside edges are parellel. This prevents fold lines on the quilt. I hate creases! Sandy