AQS Quilt Week Classes

Hello. If you read my blog the other day, you saw the posting about my class with Phyllis Cullen on Machine Bobbin Work while I attended the AQS Quilt Week event in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You can read it HERE.

Today I will tell you about the great class I took from Susan Cleveland. I have been wanting to take a class from her for a few years now and was elated that she was scheduled to teach.


We could pick one of the two patterns she had available for us--Daisy or Joy.
I chose JOY. 

Susan recommended using Decor Bond (#809) by Pellon for these projects that become small hangings. She had drawn the image for us, in reverse, on the non-shiny side of the Decor Bond to save us some time (which was very nice of her). The Decor Bond is used in a manner similar to fusibles, but only one side has fusible.

We used a blanket stitch with decorative threads. I used a Wonderfil 12 wt. rayon thread that I got last year. Susan uses Razzle threads by Wonderfil. I bought a pack of them at the show after seeing how great they looked. Razzle comes in such a variety of colors!

I got the heart sewn down as the class was coming to an end. (I really wanted to continue sewing but they close and lock the room for lunch.) Susan said we should finish what we were doing because at home our machines might not get the same look of this blanket stitch. Using our own machines on all the other pieces would look planned. So I stopped with the heart and will take the thread ends to the back at home.
(The J and Y are showing the Decor Bond on the reverse of the letters.)

I look forward to finishing very soon. This is an easily do-able piece and I look forward to making some of her other patterns. Have nay of you made one of Susan's patterns? I want to try her piping on a small quilt, it looks fun and I hope easy. 

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