Improv Blocks Class

Sheila Frampton-Cooper introduced us to her techniques for creating improvisational blocks in the AQS class I took this past week. Her completed works (you can find HERE on her website) were marvelous and the samples for class were amazing.

It was a 3-hour class and we worked steadily on our blocks after Sheila demonstrated. I could tell everyone was working intently because there was very little talking and the sewing machines were humming.

We were shown how she sews curves and learned that gentle curves were best for beginners. Sharper curves can pucker when sewn. Sheila uses only a very fine spritz of water to press. She said heavier water application stretches the fabrics out of shape when presssed.

I am a literal quilter. I make quilts that show the object(s) in the theme. I want to see the object in every piece I make. Abstract and improv are difficult for me. As I discussed my first block with Sheila, I told her I saw a sunset. She advised against focusing on what the block will be, just cut, slice and construct. As I made more blocks and put them on the design wall, I would intuitively see how the quilted piece will come together.

I learned about a neutral color to rest the eye and allow the blocks to work together. She suggested using a color such as white, taupe, light grey, or black.

Sheila uses solid colors.I chose to bring some batik I had on the shelf. These are the blocks-in-progress that I made. No arguing, I have more work to do on these blocks! I must say I did like the freedom of creating.

I thought improv blocks like these might make some nice journal covers for Christmas gifts. Adding lots of embroidery threads for sheen, sparkle and color would be fun.

Two other classes I attended were
Bobbin Work with Phyllis Cullen HERE
and Applique with Susan Cleveland HERE.

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