Community Quilt Project

In mid-April, a newsletter announcement from While She Naps told about a community quilt project happening through ace & jig. I emailed Ace & Jig to sign up to participate. Today a bundle of their custom fabric scraps arrived. These were really cool scraps, since they are used in clothing.

The goal for ace & jig is to create a jumbo quilt highlighting their amazing ace&jig community and their custom fabric scraps that come from the cutting room floor.

For every three completed quilt squares, they will donate one project night night bag! Project night night is a non-profit organization that gives out comforting night bags to children experiencing homelessness, which include a tote bag, a blanket, age-appropriate book, and stuffed animal.

The quilt blocks have to be 16" square, unfinished, a 1" seam allowance is figured in to the measurement. 

I got right to work so I could get it into the mail to meet the June 15 submission deadline. (One never knows how long the mail might take.) This past month or so I've had houses and buildings in the works, so why stop now? This is the block I created: 

This was a fun project to make. I hope ace & jig achieve their goal of donating 100 project night night bags. (The email they sent telling me the bundle was coming said there were over 380 quilters participating.) I will also mention that ace & jig were kind enough to send a pre-paid postage sticker for us to return the blocks!

Have a quilty day!

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FlashinScissors said...

Hi Nancy,
What a great idea! Good that they had lots of take up!
How exciting receiving their scraps ..... always more fun to use other peoples scraps, isn’t it!
Well done with your block, it looks super!
Barbara xx