Escher Inspires Quilt

My new pattern has been released by Cut Loose Press this weekend at Quilt Market. 
I can show you the entire project and write more about it. 

While exploring possible ideas for the Transformation/Change theme of The Endeavourers group in March and April, I thought of creating a tessellation with M.C. Escher's art in mind. Escher experimented with repeating patterns and geometric mathematical concepts, as well as optical illusions, metamorphosis, and impossible worlds.

I found an over-whelming amount of information on the internet about how to construct graphic art in Escher's style. I knew I was beginner and this would be sewn rather than drawn; so what to do? 

I read about reflection, translation, and rotation. This was pretty interesting, too. I remembered I had a Jinny Beyers book on Tessellations that I hadn't looked at in years! Tessellations create interlocking pieces that tile the same shape over the surface (in this case fabric). 

I worked on this little quilt - simple crane shapes. I decided I would design a pattern and submit it to Cut Loose Press. They accepted it. I worked on fixing and simplifying the directions to fit the 2-page format of Cut Loose Press Press. (Of course, that meant I had to sew up a different design for The Endeavourers Challenge.)

As other quilters have found, quilt ideas can come from so many places that it pays to keep our eyes and minds open. What sights have you turned into patterns?


Needled Mom said...

That is a great interpretation and design. Congratulations - well done!

Nancy said...

Thank you, Needled Mom.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

The cranes are really fun. I'm passing this on to a guild friend who loves cranes.