Cute Ways to Fold Fabrics

Recently I read Elizabeth's blog Occasional Piece--Quilt! She had some fat eights of fabric to send to a quilt guild and found a way to fold them into cute little triangle presentation bundles HERE

I also found a great way to fold fat quarters HERE that keep the little 18" x 22" fabrics folded and not opening up to make a scrambled mess in my totes. I am not going to go through and refold my totes just yet; but, I am folding the new Fandangle fat quarter bundle I got from Christa Quilts.

I am going to use this box as a decorative storage place for them until I decide on a project.
I am repurposing the box. My husband and I attended the wedding of a good friend's son and those of us who stayed until the end were invited to take one of the center pieces from the tables. I put the flowers into a small vase to fit our table. The folded fat quarters fit nicely in the box with just an inch peeking out.

I looked through Wanda's tips & tutorials tab at the top of her page and found some wonderful information. I am interested to read about using gross grain ribbon to stabilze quilts.

Do you have a favorite way to fold your fat quarters? Leave a comment and tell us what it is.

Here is the line up for My Happy Place Row Along for this week. 

With more free patterns and chances for more giveaways. And I do look forward to your visit to my blog on Thursday, Sept. 13!
Tuesday September 11, 2018
Thursday September 13, 2018


OPQuilt said...

What beautiful flowers! That was worth staying until the end! I think we are all always interested in good ways to arrange and keep our fabrics, so fun to see how you are folding the FQ to keep them organized. And fun to see you lining up a Row quilt--I love those, and it will be interesting to see what your group designs will be.

Needled Mom said...

I love Elizabeth's idea of folding those little ones. I have started folding each of my fabrics - a monumental job, but they look so neat now.

PJ or W said...

Thanks for your creative design!

Carol Andrews said...

Thank you for the great tips on folding fat eights and fat quarters. I fold mine in half lengthwise and then in thirds. Then I fold each long end halfway to the middle and then fold again from the halfway point. It makes them fit nicely in my tote which is about 6 inches deep, so I have the folded edge up. It is easy to find the piece of fabric I know is there! So glad I found you on the Row All night. I'm really enjoying reading your block g.

kamiafive said...

Thanks for the tips on other ways to fold fat quarters. I love your row along block.

Kayaking quilter said...

Tried the fat quarter folding method and loved it. Other quilters are the best source of what works. We can't meet everyone or see all the tutorials so I depend on bloggers for recommendations. The wedding flowers were beautiful.