Thank You, Quilters!

Thank you to everyone who visited my blog 
on September 13, 2018. 

As of today, nearly 700 visitors have visited my blog in 10 days! Awesome!
I was appreciative of all the comments 
which showed me how well my row was received. 
I so enjoyed designing this row, and learned how many of you enjoy going to the theater 
or like the performing arts in general. 
If you sew my row, please send me a photo of your work. 
I'd love to see how you interpreted it. 
My row is still free to download HERE
if you didn't get it on September 13. 

I tried to reply by email to all the comments, 
but couldn't email if an email wasn't available. 

I am offering free downloads of my rows 
from the previous 3 years. 

Fence Row from 2015.

Thank you all, again for visiting 
and the positive feedback to my design this year. 

My Happy Place Row Along continues at these blogs: 

Tuesday September 25, 2018
Thursday September 27, 2018
Tuesday, October 2, 2018
Thursday, October 4, 2018

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