Challenge Entry Finished - Millie Restyled Again

I finished my entry for Quilt Con Michael Miller Challenge in the nick of time. I submitted my entry on November 30, the final day to enter. I didn't procrastinate; I had a hard time coming up with a design.

That is until I checked out, Ultimate Quilt Block Collection by Lynne Goldsworthy, from the local library! Lynne is a British quilter who quilts and works under the name Lily's QuiltsI paged through her book and came upon her block called "Millie Restyled." 

Right away I pictured how I could use Lynne's pattern and restyle it again for my entry. This, of course, depended on getting her permission. I emailed her on Friday night telling about the Challenge-that I wanted to use her pattern as inspiration in my modern quilt entry. She emailed permission on Monday. I am so very grateful for Lynne's permission because I am very pleased with my quilt.

I fittingly call my quilt MILLIE RESTYLED AGAIN.

"Millie Restyled" is a paper piecing pattern that I copied from the book and used as my center medallion. I chose where to place the Michael Miller Challenge fabrics. I added my own components as a wide 4 inch border incorporating peach and teal triangles moving out from the center in a slight twist for a little movement. The lighter olive green Hash Dash fabric triangles point toward the center, bringing the eye back to the medallion.

I quilted this 20" x 20" quilt on my domestic sewing machine using my own design. I buried all the threads within the two layers of batting. The background, binding, and backing are white Cotton Coture by Michael Miller.

And now, I wait.


Needled Mom said...

It is beautiful. Great colors together too.

Nancy said...

Needled Mom,
Thank you. The colors were of course chosen by Michael Miller Fabrics. I am encouraged by your positive statement.

Susan said...

What an effective interpretation of Lynne's block. I'm wondering whether she based it on the Dusty Miller block I used for a paper pieced pattern and had published in Homespun back in 2014? There seem to be some similarities but I don't have her book to compare them?

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

I love your quilt. I think you've transformed the original block and made it really bright and lively and also given it an interesting balance of complexity and simplicity. I hope you will win an award :)