A Quilt by Any Other Name

The quilt I designed and made for the Black and White Blog Hop last week is completed, but doesn't have a name. 

"What’s in a name? [Would that which we call a quilt by any other name look as sweet]?'"
(I hope Shakespeare doesn't mind my adaption of his words.)

How do you decide on a name for a quilt you make? Is it easy or difficult? Do you have friends help? Does anyone simple number their quilts?

I want to get the quilt label sewn on it. I'm stuck on what I should name this baby. (The quilt label could be considered its birth certificate.) "Black and White Quilt" just doesn't do it for me. 

Two years ago, as an Island Batik Ambassador, I made a quilt and couldn't come up with a name for it. I wrote a blog post HERE and asked the readers to suggest names for the quilt. I was delighted with the responses. I had my husband choose the name he thought was most fitting. 

I am again asking my blog visitors to help name this quilt. I will have my husband choose the name of the quilt from those who respond by Friday, February 1, 2019. Here's how:

Leave a comment with your name suggestion and a way I can contact you. (If Blogger is a bugger and doesn't let you leave a comment, please send me an email at patchworkbreeze@gmail.com) If more than one person suggests the same name that is chosen, the first one who submitted it will be listed as the chosen one. 

And for that person, I will send the PDF pattern via email and a total of 40 squares of black and white fabrics (5" x 5") from my leftover stash - to get you started on the quilt! Unfortunately, with postage costs, I can only ship within the United States. 

And the PATTERN! 
I have it written and illustrated. Once it has a name, I will be available for sale on Payhip.

(I was trying to use Rafflecopter earlier, but it wasn't working correctly, so I have gone to comments. There were no responses placed in Rafflecopter, so it isn't of concern.)


Val's Quilting Studio said...

HI Nancy...I haven't been by in awhile and what a fun day to drop in. I love your idea that a label is a birth certificate. Looking forward to your "pattern" being published as it looks quick and easy....and I like quick and easy. Yet, I love it's overall finished look. I can imagine naming a pattern is hard...I'm not a pattern writing....but am sure you are in good hands with your husband helping you with the naming. :)

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

Quilt names can be hard to settle on. Sometimes they just come to me and other times they go unnamed all together. Your black and white quilt instantly makes me think of opposites. Here's a few to consider "Opposites Attract" "Polar Opposites" or "Opposing Sides"

Janice said...

Hi there! I am visiting from the Black and White Blog hop. I love black and white quilts and yours is no exception! I hardly ever name my quilts but mostly because I forget!! I think it is fun to name them and great idea to take a poll and have the hubby choose. How about Zig Zag Rag? Not implying your quilt is a rag (it's not!) it just rhymes nicely. LOL!