How a Simple Sewing Day with Friends Can Energize a Quilter

Have you ever lacked ambition to get working on a quilt project or maybe finish some UFOs?

For the past few weeks I didn't have the excitement to work on my projects. I had so many things going on, and pulling me in different directions, that quilting was near the bottom of my to-do list (just ahead of pulling the garden weeds).

I hadn't seen two of my quilting friends since the beginning of May and decided I would invite them over for a sewing day. Last Monday I sent them a message and we were all available that Thursday.

Just a few days to plan, but easy enough with the 5 steps listed below.

1) FOOD: We were beginning at 10:30 A.M. so we planned a lunch. We each chose to bring something to share. Teri would bring fruit, Gloria chose vegetables and I would make chicken salad. (Bonus:All the ingredients I needed were on sale at our local grocery, so I bought them on Tuesday,  which happened to be senior discount day.) I made the salad the night before our sew day.

2) SEWING SPACE: We sew at my dining room table. I cleaned the parts of the house we would be using. (Cleaning the rest of the house cleaning could wait for another day.)

3) SUPPLIES: Make it easy for friends to tote just what they need for sewing. The night before, I got out the ironing board, iron, big cutting mat, rulers and cutting tools. I plugged in the extension cord and surge surpressor near the table.

4) PROJECTS: We could work on whatever we wanted to sew. I had a quilt and nine hotpads to bind. I got the supplies for the projects together the day before.

5) JUST BEFORE ARRIVAL: I took out the plates and cutlery for lunch, the counter-top would be the serving area.

When my friends arrived, we were able to get the machines set up and start our day of sewing fun. For 7 hours we sewed, talked, and enjoyed a wonderful lunch! The time flew by too quickly.

I got my projects done and Teri and Gloria got a good amount of larger UFOs going.

It was great to have some friends join me to sew. The preparation spurred me into action and my neglected projects were finished in a pleasantly short time.

Do you quilt with friends. How do you plan a sewing day?

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Needled Mom said...

It’s always more fun to stitch with friends. Looks like you all accomplished so much too.

Cheryl said...

Looks like you had a fun and productive time!