Snow over the weekend and extremely cold temperatures have kept us in the house for the past few days. It was a good time to begin organizing. Today my husband and I drove to "the big city" for a number of errands---one was to find some type of storage that would be economical as well as practical for my workroom. We looked at many stores but made the final choice at a big home improvement store with these heavy duty plastic shelves. I got 2 and they interlock. 

Our daughter and son-in-law (who happen to be living with us for a short time since they returned from living abroad) have helped in organizing my sewing areas (yes, areas). For a number of years I have had this as one of my resolutions. My daughter told me I am good with the fine details but not so much with the overall process. Well, she was right. I would have organized in a different way, which would have taken much longer. I was nervous having other people help and worried things would get misplaced. I had projects in the works and panicked when I did not see them. They got placed in plastic boxes and I will find them once I sit down and examine each box. 

I will take a few "after" photos. I am very happy I did not take any "before" photos. 

I look forward to getting back to sewing projects once this organization project is done. More project photos SOON!

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OPQuilt said...

You're pretty funny about not taking pictures of "before" pictures. I can relate. Big Time!

And those shelves look like serious organizing tools! It will be fun for you to re-acquaint yourself with all your projects as you sort them back into *your* order in your sewing room. One lovely weekend my daughter came out and organized my family room, helping me get rid of books and a whole shelving unit. I'm forever grateful!

And finally I feel like I'm coming back to myself after six long weeks of illness. It feels wonderful, but I apologize for not answering emails or visiting blogs. It's lovely to see your blog again!

Have fun!