More Bunny Pincushions, Stack N Whack and Cut Loose Pattern News

I have been "hopping" around the studio sewing table having a grand time sewing these bunny pincushions. Here are the latest 3 that I did today. I think I like the black one best of all.

I finished 4 today. One went hopping on her way to a friend of mine. Another friend asked for 5, so that is what I am working on now. I am using my felted wool and am pleased I did not have to purchase any fabric for the project. 

The pattern I have used has served me so well. I just can't get over how easy these can be made. See my post HERE for more information on the pattern.

I am prepared for the Stack N Whack table runner class I am teaching tomorrow. This is the EQ image of the project. Of course, everyone will have their own fabric choices, so they will all look different. 

New Pattern in Publication
I made the final approval on my newest Cut Loose pattern. I am so excited with this pattern because it is actually two quilts from one pattern. There is almost no fabric waste and there are tremendous possiblities in how it can be made up. When it is released, I will definitely make a big announcement here. I think within a few weeks. So keep your eyes open.  

Happy Quilting and Crafting!


beaquilter said...

cute bunnies as always. and great quilt

Sheri said...

Love the darling bunnies! The brown one has a twin on another blog!