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Tuesday Archives at Val's has many bloggers linking to the quilting blog topic of the day. 
I am joining in the Borders link today. The other topic is Birthdays. 

I don't have a past blog related to borders, so I am writing about some of my quilt borders today. 

Some books on Modern Quilting discuss no borders, which are great for many quilts. I made a quilt about 10 years ago with no borders (although, I imagine the binding could be considered a border). I was inspired by a pattern in an old book I got off the quilt guild FREEBIE table. I made it a bit more colorful and used my own technique. I called it slice "em up. I was surpirsed and delighted when an older lady bought this (at my table at a church craft sale) for her grand-daughter who was expecting--the grand-daughter had been one of my kindergarten students many years before!

Sometimes items just don't look finished without a border--like this table runner I designed for a quilting class. It needed something to contain it, therefore, the border.

This king sized bed quilt was just too small for the bed. This was a Merry Mayhem Mystery one New Year's Day, designed as a twin quilt. I added as many of the main blocks as I had fabric for, but didn't have enough. Thus, I added an inner border and the large panels of light fabric. It is now being used by my daughter in her apartment.

I really like quilts where the borders are an extension of the main part of the quilt in someway. Here I added applique hearts that went into the borders. This is my pattern, Love You, available at PatternSpot.com

Another quilt I designed has hearts as the border. I wanted it to have the appearance of a postage stamp.

The final quilt I will show today needed a border to square it up a bit. The strips were free form cut curves and without the border and the star appliques it would have been totally boring. I donated the finished quilt as a Quilt of Valor.

Let me know: Do you prefer borders, no borders, or some of both?
I can't wait to see what other bloggers have to show on the topic of borders. Join me as I head over to Val's to see the links. Vals' Quilting Studio HERE!


Val's Quilting Studio said...

Well, like I said, I usually avoid borders...but am totally inspired now that I've seen your variety! I can totally see how the table runner wouldn't be complete without it's border. And The Love You and Love Hearts...totally cute!! I love how the hearts overflow onto the border. And the quilted stars on your Valor top....made such a simple quilt fantastic!! You have truly inspired me to look at my use of borders in a more creative way!! THANK YOU!!!

Val's Quilting Studio said...

Oh and thank you for your very cool shout out about the Tuesday Archives Linky!! (PS: I meant appliqued stars on your Valor top....LOVE THAT IDEA!!!)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I love it that you were doing modern quilts ten years ago--maybe we didn't yet call it modern. I also like the corner pieced, middle plain border on the king sized quilt.Keep on having border fun!

Sue Daurio said...

love the hearts and the stars in the borders, those are awesome.

Kate said...

For me, a quilt's not finished without a border. Though I admit it always seems to take longer to add the borders than I think it should.