1 More Quilt Completed

. . . and mailed off to my cousin! 

This had been a long overdue project on my part. I apologized to my cousin for taking so long to get this little project finished. 

Debbie had an antique wool embroidery that she wanted made into a quilt for a doll's bed. This is the completed quilt 18-1/2" x 20-1/2"):

I found reproduction scraps in my collection that had the feel of the era. 
I made the quilt base before adding the embroidery.

The embroidery was sewn to the center block of muslin 
(which was backed with a woven stabilizer).

I hand stitched around the edges of the embroidery to hold all the embroidery threads in place. 
Then I took stitches all over the back of the embroidery to hold it all against the muslin.

The top, backing and batting were layered. 
I quilted around the bird with my domestic sewing machine. 
Flowers and leaves were included to give some interest and secure all the layers. 
I quilted in a continuous line in all the boxes, which was really quite easy. 

I called her to tell her it was in the mail and said she was happy that it is on its way. 
(She said she didn't hold the delay against me.)

Thank you for stopping. 
Be sure to visit next week as I post a peek at my row for the upcoming: