Worktable Projects

I'm finishing up the last details of my Four-in-Art challenge project 
for the May 1 reveal.
 I will give you a little peek. 

Spring is here, although one couldn't tell by the cold temps in Michigan right now. 
I picked my tulips and brought them in the other day. 

We have two rabbits in the yard and deer come and go during the night. 
I decided I would rather enjoy the colorful flowers for a week or so in the house 
than to miss it because they became tasty food for one of these critters. 

It is time for some springtime potholders for me and friends. 
I am enjoying the rocks and some of the fresh colors of fabrics. 

This weekend I will turn my attention to the May 
Island Batik Ambassador paper pieced projects 
with the theme of Playful. 

What are you sewing up this week?


Susan said...

Your Four-in-Art mini is very intriguing! I hate what I have done and am struggling to finish it! And it was my theme!!! UGH! Your tulips and daffodil are gorgeous- I can almost smell them from here....

allthingzsewn said...

Like you we have deer that like some of our flowers and trees. No rabbits to talk of because of the dogs I guess.
The tulip are gorgeous. I have never tried them, don't know why exactly.
Your peek at the challenge project is intriguing. Waiting for the full view.