Quilter's Bus Trip During Row by Row

On Saturday, July 9, 
I joined 55 other quilters on a bus trip to 6 quilt shops in Michigan.
I had never been to 5 of the shops.

We began our journey at Kean's Store Co. in Mason, MI. 
I have shopped here many times.
I didn't know anyone on the bus, 
but by the end of the trip, I had chatted with quite a few of the quilters.
Our driver was great. 
The bus was comfortable. 
And the rain stayed away.

At each stop we had something to eat. 
Breakfast, as we started out, was rolls and fruit.
Lunch was a great chicken salad sandwich, celery and carrot sticks.
Dinner was cold, fried chicken, cole slaw and a roll. It reminded me of a summer picnic lunch. 
In between those meals we had wonderful chocolate chip cookies, granola, and other snacks.

We were greated by a dancing staff outside Sew Many Things in Clinton Township.

As is the case, each shop had its own style of fabrics. 
I enjoy shops with bright, fun fabrics, since these are my favorite fabrics. 
I bought these two cute fabrics to make a pouch. 

I took the time to examine other fabrics at the shops. 
I found some purples to include in my Four-in-Art August Challenge project. 
The theme is Purple Passion. 
I bought the little pattern card because I liked the pattern. 
It is not the project I will reveal on August 1.

I didn't snap many shop photos because the number of quilters 
looking at all the displays blocked the view of the fabrics. 
I did take notice of this great idea for displaying older sewing items 
(I have some things from my mother).
This framed collection was at The Charmed Quilter in Smiths Creek, MI.
The shop was once a church.
They focus more on reproduction fabrics, miniature quilts, 
wools and silk ribbons for crazy quilted items. It is a very nice shop.

The Row by Row is in full swing, 
so I made sure I asked for the free patterns for each store's block. 

I bought a few of the license plates because of the phrases on them. 
These will be made into a tote bag. 

I enjoyed the day. It was so nice to have someone else do the driving. 
I liked the scenery outside and traveling to some areas of my home state that I had never seen before. 

Have you taken any type of "Quilting Road Trip?" Did you go with friends?
Are you gathering Row by Row block patterns?

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Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

Sounds like a really fun time. Don't know if my wallet could handle the damage of six shops in a row but it would be a fun way to meet new quilters.