My Dresden Wreath Tutorial

I've been asked to expand upon how I made the Dresden Wreath HERE
I am more than happy to let you know how I made it. 

I am using some other fabrics since I don't have enough pieces of the Island Batik fabrics I used. 
Also, for the purpose of actually seeing the process, 
I found the white fabric worked better. 

I used the June Tailor Dresden Express(TM) to cut the 22.5 degree wedges 
and a chopstick for turning out the points of the 
Dresden blades (which I will describe later).

Press fabric(s). I used 4 colors, but any number of colors could be used, 
including loads of scraps! I layered 4 fabrics, which I cut at one time.

Trim up the bottom edge of fabric along a straight grain. Trim fabric top so fabrics are 7"high. The width of the pieces should be about 5" (or more) to accomodate the widest part of the wedge. 

Use the cutting guide grooves for the 22-1/2 degree wedge (red arrows shown below).

First cut

and it's done.

Second cut


Fold one wedge in half, right sides together.
Sew 1/4" along wide end of wedge.
Trim off 1/8" of seam near folded edge before turning.

Turn right side out and use chopstick to turn point out.
Fold sewn tip down to align with center fold of wedge 
and press (wrong sides will be touching at this step)

I match the outer points of the blades and begin sewing from there 
down to the narrow part of the blades.
Sew the wedges together with 1/4" seams (in a pattern if that is the plan).
Press seams open. 

Cut circle or fussy cut a novelty fabric to cover center hole.
Sew on from right side. 

If the Dresden Wreath does not seem to lay flat, 
I take a little bit more of a seam on a few of the blades--just a thread width or two
until it lays flat. That appears to be the nature of fabrics, 
especially when sewing bias edges together. 

I centered the Dresden Wreath on background fabric choice and 
as described in the previous post, appliqued it using a blind hem stitch. 

If you make a Dresden Wreath, please send me a photo, I would like to see all of them!

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Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

I love dresden blocks but have only made a few for bee blocks. I'm not familiar with the ruler you used but it looks cool. I just have the small one.