AQS Quilt Week Grand Rapids

Today begins Quilt Week in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 
I am attending today and look forward to seeing the display of quilts, 
seeing the winners and perhaps coming away with some new ideas for my quilts. 
But my excitement is about something I have kept under wraps for a few months now. 
Our Tall Pine Quilters Guild entered the Guild Quilt Challenge catagory 
and our 8 quilts were accepted! And mine is one of them! 

AQS allows 8 quilts to be entered by each guild that is accepted. 
Without the work of the other members of the guild, 
I would not have a quilt in the show. 

Our challenge theme was landmarks. 
The size had to be 32" x 48" with no front bindings. 
Each quilt had to have the words: "Greetings from" on the front. 

I had a photo from 2015 when I took a qult trip to New Orleans with a group of quilters.
I was standing on the corner of Canal Street, waiting for the traffic light to change 
so I could cross and go to North Broad Street. 
I enlarged the photo to the size requirement. 
Each piece of the brickwork was an applique. 
I had to sponge the darker black and brown onto the brick fabric since 
I found no fabric that looked like the brickwork in the photo. 
The words Canal Street were made using Deco Foil gold. 
My shoes were printed on fabric. 
I used trapunto and quilting techniques on them before appliquing 
them to the quilt to give them a 3D effect. 

I adjusted the photo a bit to show more detail. 
I hope I get some good photos at the show since the lighting wasn't 
good at home when I took it.

I am taking classes and will post about them. 


Catherine said...

This is super! I love the composition and the techniques you have used to bring everything to life.

Quilting Nonnie said...

It's wonderful that you got to take a picture like that and then use it to make a beautiful quilt.