Quilt Week Classes

The 4 days I spent at AQS Quilt Week in Grand Rapids were great. 
I pre-registered in May for classes each day. 
I wanted to take advantage of having such a wealth of quilt teachers in one place at one time.
I enjoyed each class, learning something new from every instructor. 

I was able to take time between classes and from 4-6PM 
to view the quilts on display and see what types of things the vendors had to sell (another post, another day).
I didn't think there were as many quilt entries as in the first few years. 
After reading a few articles lately about the changes occurring in the quilting industry I wondered if this was reflective of that change.

Each day began with an 8:30 AM class which ended at 11:30AM. 
I left Nancy Clark McNally's class, Compass Fire Star
having sewn up one of the 9 blocks for the quilt using Island Batik fabrics.
I find that it is not unusual to finish only one block when in an instructional class like these. 

Nancy has developed templates that made the construction of the block very simple. 
I look forward to making the rest of the blocks very soon. 

After lunch and a quick trip to the vendors, 
my next class was Triangles and Strip Piecing with Linda J. Hahn.
We used Triangles on a Roll paper to make HST (half square triangles)
to use with 4 patches we made with ruler and strips. 
I have used various methods including other papers to make HST. 
These papers worked well. I would say it is just individual preference as to method.
What I did learn was how to look at quilt blocks, patterns or designs 
and break them down into units. 
Most can be triangles and squares, sometimes rectangles are included. 
I have learned to do this over the years, but it was good to have 
the perspective of another quilter to remind me. 

The next day I began with a painting class by Esterita Austin
We learned her technique of painting on silicon parchment paper, 
fusing with Misty Fuse to organza and discussing the many ways to 
incorporate this into our quilting as well as other art. 

I was happy with my first project attempt of this Luminous Painted Illusions technique.

My afternoon class was Whimsical Applique with Nancy Clark McNally.

Nancy and I found we both save fabric scraps for making quilts. 
After sewing scrap strips together and adding fusing on the back, 
we used the many Accuquilt dies she brought. 
We could cut anything for any projects. 
I cut these letters for a banner in the mudroom.
I think a decorative stitch in dark blue thread 
on the edges of the letters will show them off. 

The following day I again joined Esterita Austin for another class using her painting technique. 
A few of us were in the previous class and she said 
we were going to do something a bit different from the rest of the class. 
Taking a photo of a flower, we traced it to make a pattern.
I think my second attempt turned out very well. 

With 20 minutes left in class I whipped up this mum-like flower and was off to lunch. 

That afternoon Charlotte Angotti had us ripping fabrics and passing along pieces to create a fabric stash. Let me say we were a wild bunch of fabric rippers. (It gave me an idea for a guild meeting!)

She displayed a number of her quilts, showing us how light and dark values played the biggest part in their simple construction. She showed how some basic shapes cut with some simple templates can be used to create stunning quilts all based on placement using lights and darks.  

Quilt Week classes ended on Saturday with Kathleen Andrews 
showing us how to build cubes for an easy optical illusion. 

It definitely was easier than I imagined. 
A design wall is a must, cut triangles from 3 shades of a color and a background! 
Our HST blocks had to be precise or the cubes would not appear defined. 

The progress I made that morning was a start. (Square cube units are not sewn together.)

This was a busy week. I left refreshed and ready to start some projects-- right after I complete the quilt projects for 
the Mid-Century Modern Bee swap for August

with my post date August 30, 2016

with my post date September 27, 2016.

I will post more about the Quilt Show and some other quilting topics in the coming days. 
Please stop by again. 


Suzy Webster said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time! I love the Iris.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

Wow! That's a lot of classes all packed into a few days. Looks like you had a fun time. I have taken very few classes but when I do I learn something even though I rarely get much done.