Pumpkin Fest Quilting

We Island Batik Ambassadors were tasked with creating a project with a pumpkin or fall-theme for October. I made a table topper. I got these lovely fall-colored fabrics in my August Island Batik fabric box. I thought of leaves changing colors and falling to the ground.

I have a leaf embroidery that I wanted to try. I got it from Embroidery It.
If you do any embroidery, sign up for the her newsletters because each week Nancy offers a free embroidery. This one was what she calls a JAM file (which stands for Just a Mix). 

I wanted to show a bit of what I found helpful in making this table topper. 

I began by embroidering the corner blocks.
I watched a video a few weeks ago and learned that ironing fusible on the back of the applique fabric helps keep the edges from forming whiskers when embroidering. 
I used the Scan N Cut to cut the applique shapes (after putting fusible on fabric). 
To make an accurate pattern to scan, I stitched out the shape on stabilizer and scanned it on the machine. 
I stabilized the golden fabric in the hoop and began the stitching. 
When I placed the fused applique on the background, I used my tiny iron to fuse it in place. 

The stitches were so nice. 
The file stitched out so easily and the back looks as nice as the front. 

I also like that the Island Batik fabrics look so good on the back as well as the front.
I never have to worry about turning a strip when sewing.

I used The Strip Stick to press the seams. The stick is half round and raises the one seam to press without effecting the other seams. This is the job it is made for!

I layered the top, batting and backing and began quilting in the ditch in the center strip and moved out to one side and then the other. I always use a walking foot when quilting layers with straight stitches.

I then quilted the short strips on the sides. And ended by free motion stitching around the leaves. 
I enjoyed this project. 


OPQuilt said...

Beautiful! This is a perfect table topper for this time of year. I agree that the embroidery is so lovely--bravo!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Beautiful table topper and the applique is so neat!

Nancy at EmbroideryIt.com said...

Oh Nancy your quilt turned out just beautiful. Thank you for using one of my designs in it. Lovely!!
Hugs and blessings,

beaquilter said...

this is looking great!

Vicki in MN said...

I love this!! Gorgeous applique.

France Nadeau ❅ inspiration imagination creation said...

Beautiful! I love how you mixed the colors and your leaves are quite beautifully stitched. :-)

Calicojoan said...

Beautiful table topper. Love the applique you did with it.