Quilt Con Charity Quilts

When I arrived at Quilt Con the first things I noticed were the charity quilts in the hallway! The colors that were designated to use in these charity quilts are favorites of mine. They were such happy looking quilts. But it wasn't until I entered the exhibit room that I saw even more of these charity quilts! Wow! I have posted a few of my favorites and apologize that I did not take photos of the details regarding the makers or the titles. Such talented and creative quilters!

I wish you a good weekend that includes doing something fun.
I will be sewing!


Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderfully diverse quilts. I often think the charity challenge quilts are some of the more interesting quilts in the show. It's especially fun to see how the same color palette and theme can be interpreted so differently. I have chaired out guild's efforts for the last 4 years and really enjoyed it.

OPQuilt said...

Thanks for showing us the charity quilts--I hadn't seen these in all the photos I'd perused about QuiltCon. I hope you had a great time!