UFO and WIP Link Up for September

I'm joining at The Crafty Quilter this month's for the UFO & WIP Link Up.

I finished these Halloween themed coasters using some of my many fabric scraps. The embroidery file called Boo Coaster is from OESD. I enjoyed making these.

I have a few items in progress and am happy for the chance to show what I have been working on.

In early September, when I HAD to go through my sewing storage area and organize, along with purging some items, I found some UFOs in some storage tubs (overlooked for a few years-ok, maybe more than a few). I had put them aside, for whatever reason. (You know, life sometimes just gets in the way; none of them was ever for lack of interest, though). This is the first one I am working on. It was Christmas-themed and I would be ahead of the season by working on it!  I'm hand sewing this in the evenings. I think I will do big stitch quilting to finish it.
The Dresdens were already sewn down, machine appliqued. I added the circles with fabric I found in my stash. 

The background fabric is a velour of some kind. I remember choosing it, those many years ago, from my stash of clothing pieces thinking it would be unique to use. The binding will be the same as the circles. I plan on having it as a coffee table topper. 

Above, is the first Dresden quilt I ever made - in a class taught by Beth Ann Williams in the early 2000s. It hangs in our entrance way on a wooden quilt rack flanked by heart-shaped wooden shelves which I made in a woodshop class back in the day. It hangs there for most of the year, too.

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Happy Sewing!


Julie Cefalu said...

Your BOO coasters are so cute and right on time. I think the big stitch quilting will be great for the Dresden quilt. Thanks for linking up to the UFO & WIP Challenge!

Frankie Perussault said...

now Nancy tell me what a UFO is as it is in my vocabulary as Unidentified Flying Object... can your quilts fly ?!