Middle of March Quilting Update

It's been a busy 30 days since I last blogged. 

At the beginning of March, two other ladies and I began helping (for the 3rd year) the local high school art teacher with "The Monster Project." We assist each morning of the week. The high school art students interpret the 2nd grade students' monster information and drawings and design a pattern to sew and stuff. 

In this last picture, the student 
(who worked on a project last year)
wanted the pink monster to have a zipper mouth. 
The students get more creative each year!
And this is delightful for the adults to see. 

Each year we become a bit better at organizing and assisting 20+ students in each class. (This year one class has 32.) Presently they share 5 sewing machines, so logistics are a challenge, but the students are patient. 
Also,I was putting together the final aspects of a speaking engagement that I presented last Thursday. The Tall Pine Quilters Guild asked me to present "Integrating Quilting and Technology" at their meeting. I had belonged to the guild for many years and took a break 3 years ago. It was nice to see many old friends, although not all of the members attended because of the Coronavirus. In fact, the guild was the last group meeting at the school until the governor opens schools in April. 

The presentation went well for my first time. I had them answer a questionnaire afterwards. The answers and comments were very helpful. I discovered that about 50% liked the Design aspect of the program and 50% liked the information about what the computer and cell phone could do for organization, photos, and sharing quilting interests. I will be revamping a few parts of the lecture before I present in April at another guild's meeting. 
I've been working on my quilt for the 

Here is the schedule and 
I look forward to having you stop by soon 
to hop along with us.

Wednesday March 18

Thursday March 19
Friday March 20
Monday March 23
Tuesday March 24

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