Spring Activities and Diversions While Staying Home

The middle of March 2020 is here. I am limiting my activities to what I can do within our own home. The governor of Michigan (and governors of many other states) has ordered places that people gather to be closed for a time to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. While I hope I do not get sick, I had been helping in the local high school art class for the first 2 weeks of March. I have not heard of anyone in our county, or our local small town becoming sick; and I hope no one gets sick.

I want to keep busy. I have had many things on my To-Do List (for years), but haven't put forth a sustained effort to accomplish all of them. I decided this past week that I was not going to begin any new quilting projects (there are many on my list). Instead, I am going downsize the amount of fabric and other items in my storage area and make my sewing area a pleasant, oraganzied place to work. I realized a few years ago that it is the clutter and disorganization that inhibits my ability to productively create. Creating is a necessity for me; it calms me and brings me happiness.

Since the gyms and fitness clubs are closed in Michigan for a period of time, my husband suggested I get outside for exercise. The weather has been fairly sunny with temps in the 40s and walking is pleasant. Of course, he found a job I could do! And to tell you the truth, I have really enjoyed it.

Stacking wood!

We heat with wood via an outdoor wood boiler. In November, he ordered a dump truck load of split wood, as he would have knee replacement in December. I would become the one filling the boiler and I can't split the large logs. Well, that huge pile was still quite large last week and we needed the area tidied. At the end of my first 2-hour day, I felt tired; but my arms and legs got quite a workout! After a few days of stacking, I am almost done, including the raking up.
This was after the first few hours of stacking.

Nearly finished. My husband kept pushing the wood closer to the stack with his tractor.

I discovered the bulbs and some plants are popping up around the house. Now I will be outside exercising as I clean the flower beds, readying them for what I hope is a marvelous and colorful display of flowers.

What are you doing to keep busy?

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

You live quite a bit north of me...I am near the state line. I have noticed my day lily popping through and ....my poppies....Yay. I have had a problem getting Poppies the second year. Since I planted these much wanted and loved Poppies last year I was elated to see them coming back this year. But, what I wanted to say is good for you getting out so early in the year to work in the garden. Not me. It's got to be way more warm that it is now and with NO RAIN. It looks like this will be yet another wet Spring here.

I feel the same about stitching being important to my mental health. Being a bit OCD I must have a clean and organized stitching area.

This virus has not effected our daily routines yet. I'm having a hard time thinking about how quickly it has spread. Next month starts Terry's quarterly doc appointments and we are not looking forward to visiting a doctor's office right now.
xx, Carol