Quilting While I Follow Stay Home Orders

My sewing area in the basement is not yet organized. (I have more than I will use in 20 years!) But I just couldn't work on organizing in the basement with few windows. I was feeling a bit trapped during this time of a stay-at-home order for the next few weeks.

My husband suggested putting two portable tables in the living room (since we will have no one coming to the house for awhile). I told my daughter over a year ago I would get her quilt done, and this was the project I chose to work on.

So, here are some photos of what I've done in the past 2 days. She is very excited. I am keeping her abreast of the progress. 

I am using my walking foot, working section by section with lines in different direction.

I've quilted 1/4th of the quilt and work until it gets dark outside. I think it will be take 3 more days to finish, with another for the binding. While quilting, I am listening to a book on CD titled: Beating About the Bush (an Agatha Raisin Mystery) by M.C. Beaton. 

I do hope you are able to find a calming craft or activity to work on during a time where isolation has been encouraged, or ordered. Be safe, and I hope you stay healthy. 
Thank you for stopping by.

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