Nature-Themed Quilt Progress

The piecing for The Endeavourers reveal on February 1 is progressing. This is just a little peek at what I worked on for 2 hours tonight. I will tell you that working out the measurements took the longest time for me, even with EQ, I still had to divide equally. I got some small measurements for the black and white pieces. But I did get one block together that measures 7.5 inches by 10.25 inches unfinished!

Tomorrow I should make better use of my time with the correct measurements.


Nature Project Peek

I am a member of a new online art quilt group called The Endeavourers. (You can visit our blog HERE.) 'The group was started by two of the members of our now disbanded Four-in-Art quilters. Having an online art quilt group helps challenge me to try 4 different ideas during the year.

The challenge reveal theme for February 1 is NATURE. Below is just a peek of what I worked on this week. I searched my photo files, edited the photos, and printed them on EQ Premium Cotton Lawn fabric sheets. It is my favorite fabric sheet for photo printing.

Please come back on February 1 to see the quilt project I make with these--and visit all the other members' posts to see how they interpret the challenge theme.


New Year Sewing Resolutions

It's going on the 4th week since I posted! I think it's time to get back to the laptop.

My husband and I celebrate the Christmas weekend with family and friends.
New Year's weekend we visited our daughter and SIL and helped them with some home improvement projects. A few hang-ups made each them longer projects than expected.

I pondered New Year sewing resolutions.
In the past few months, some quilters I follow have written about many of the same thought I had.

One of the most mentioned was social media. While I enjoy exploring Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and the internet for quilting/sewing ideas, it sure takes TIME! I enjoy sewing! I have a great stash of fabrics (maybe too much) to use for projects. I have a many project ideas in my head. I still have a house to keep tidy and clean. I want to enjoy the company of friends. So:

  • I'm want to sew more; posting on Facebook and Instagram when a project is done. These are quick and easy in my opinion. I want to blog once a week, unless there is a special in which I am participating. (I know there might be a few times I post out of that week.)
  • I am going to set a timer for 30 minutes daily with social media searching. I might find an online BOM that will interest me, but I have quilt ideas to make. I'm going to use my time to put MY designs to paper.
  • I'm going to go through that fabric stash, use what I truly like, and send a good amount out the door. Scraps are unnecessary to keep and saying goodbye to them will free up a good 12 feet of storage space. 
A collage of  my sewing progress for the last week: