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I am late in posting today.  I have been busy with a number of projects. I am working with the fundraising group at church. I pressed Heat N Bond to the back of floral fabrics, traced teacup shapes on the paper side of the Heat N Bond.  These will be pressed to the front of the invites for the Plant Swap and Tea Social we will be hosting. These have not been pressed down yet on the cards, but I think they will look sweet.

I then located quotes about plants and flowers and tea-time for table decorations. The last thing was to make a prototype for the fabric pot covers we will make to decorate the tables. I have to work the size just a bit more to fit the potted plants. I have a photo below showing the prototype with some flowers put in to give an idea of what it may look like. I need to sew the petals a little shorter than I did. When I get this worked out, I will post a tutorial of the steps and dimensions. 

As to tomorrow's blog hop, I have the blog ready to post at midnight tonight. I thought about the blogs from Monday and Tuesday and decided I would add something about EQ. So, on Thursday, I will show you some of the things I have been exploring with the SERENDIPITY feature, I will take some screen shots to show you just a little of what can happen with the various choices. So come back and see some of the fun you can have with EQ Serendipity. 

EQ Appliqued Animals Blog Hop Schedule

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Here is the Schedule for the 
EQ Appliqued Animals Blog Hop
With these fun sub-categories:
Summer Animals
Critters and Bugs
Summer “Stuff”

Monday April 22nd
Seamstobesew (Summer Animal)
Freemotionbytheriver (Critters and Bugs)
Sewincrediblycrazy (Critters and Bugs)
Beaquilter (Summer Stuff)

Tuesday April 23rd
Kissedquilts (Summer Animals)
Seamstobesew (Critters and Bugs)
Funthreads (Summer Stuff)

Wednesday April 24th
Funthreads (Summer Animals)
Patchworkbreeze (Critters and Bugs)
Beaquilter (Critters and Bugs)
Sewincrediblycrazy (Summer Stuff)

Thursday April 25th
Beaquilter (Summer Animals)
Janesquilting (Critters and Bugs)
Seamstobesew (Summer Stuff)

Friday April 26th
SewCalGal (Critters and Bugs)

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