Spring Flower Project

I finished the small project for the Spring Mini Quilt Swap. This was a paper piecing pattern I designed years ago and decided to make it a bit bigger and add some grass and a border.  I had enough backing to be able to fold it up and over to make the binding.  It took a bit of time to do this and I think I maybe would have been done sooner if I had made binding and attached it as I normally do.  But I told myself I could do it and with a few minor setbacks, I accomplished it.  I did not take photos to show the steps of any part of this.  But I do have the finished project: 

Spring Flower
19" x 14"
I had a look this evening at C&T Publishing's Spring sale which ended tonight.  They had some books for $3 and $5.  Ordered just a few.  One is Drafting for the Creative Quilter and it was $5. I will see if it has some good tips or suggestions, because there are times when I do not use EQ to work on a pattern. 

Sew creatively! 

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