Fun with EQ7

First of all I have learned so many things from the EQ Applique Animal Blog Hop during the past few days. I am going to have to devote a certain time each day to working on these tips, tutorials and lessons-something like going to school. Thanks to all the participating blogs. You have 2 more days to visit the blogs to see what you may have missed. Don't forget each blog has a giveaway, too. 

I got an email today from The Electric Quilt Company today telling about their Summer Drawing Series which begins May 1.  I am in, are you?  It sounds like it will be exciting. There is more information on their website. 

As I mentioned the other day, I have been experimenting with the SERENDIPITY feature of EQ7.  So I thought I would show a few things that this feature does. Try it and see how you like it. 

1. Draw a block using the Easy Draw+Patch Draw choice. Color it and add it to the Sketchbook. 

2. Choose BLOCK>SERENDIPITY> and then select one of the choices to change or add to your block.

3. Framing the block gives the attic window effect. Think of using a fussy cut block with a picture or adding a photo block that can be framed. 

4. Tilting Block is fun. You can do lots with these blocks. Change the angle of the tilt, rotate the block inside the tilt. How cool. 

5. Merging Blocks adds a new dimension. 

6. Clip & Flip is fun because you can change the position of the sections of the block to create new blocks. And when the new blocks are put into a quilt, the look is totally different. This is serendipitous especially with the random roll of the red die.

7. Shrink & Flip places the block of choice into 4 frames and then it can be flipped in various configurations, of which some would make lovely quilts. 

8. Kaleidoscope block is my favorite, but I am partial to kaleidoscopic blocks of all kinds. 

9. Fancy Star Block gives choices of star points (5,6,7,8,9 or 10) and allows the incorporation of blocks into the star points. It can also help with speedy Lone Star designs and more. 

This of course, is the tip of the iceberg in what is possible with the Serendipity feature. I hope you will try it and enjoy the outcomes. 

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Debbie P said...

What incredible software!! I know that it will be on my wish list for Mother's Day!!

Marian said...

Way Cool!! I'm thinking I need to go and see if I have this serendipity in my EQ. :)